Michael & Brendan's Wedding Quiz Answers

1 Where did Brendan and Michael meet?

b) At Glastonbury

2 Where was their first date?

a) Nando's

3 Where did Michael propose to Brendan?

c) Cinderella castle

4 With what did he use to propose?

d) A watch

5 What is their favourite pastime?

b) Watching theme park vlogs

6 Concorde’s most successful routes were scheduled services between London/Paris and New York, with multiple flights occurring per day.

However, Concorde also flew many seasonal charters to worldwide destinations. Which Concorde charter destination are Brendan and Michael going to on honeymoon?

d) Las Vegas

7 Michael’s birthday is the anniversary of the first Concorde test flight. Which year was this?

c) 1969

8 The amount of hours Brendan and Michael have known each other is approximately the same amount of British Airways flights made by Concorde. How many is this?

b) 52,000

9 Michael books a (conventional) flight to Los Angeles and leaves Manchester, flying West. He’s forgotten his luggage so Brendan flies Concorde a minute later to catch him up, but flies East.

Will Brendan make it in time before Michael touches down?

No - Cocnorde would need to stop to refuel, and wouldn't fly supersonic over land.

10 The number of Concorde aircraft that entered commercial service with British Airways is the same as the number of nieces and nephews that Brendan and Michael are proud uncles to. How many is this?

c) 7

11 G-BOAC, the aircraft currently above your heads, was considered the flagship of the British Airways fleet due to her registration. For what did BOAC stand for?

a) British Overseas Airways Corporation

12 Finally...If you could offer Brendan and Michael one piece of advice for married life, what would it be?